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Galganov is a name that has become synonymous with quality content on the Internet. When you view a Galganov site or a site designed by Galganov & Associates you are viewing a family safe web site which provides information or products with a conscience. You will never have to worry that your child will find offensive material on ANY Galganov web site! You may find controversy on our sites but you won't find smut! While we at Galganov & Associates are firm believers in freedom of speech, we also believe that self regulation is infinitely more valuable than censorship. Consequently, we do not apply for ratings. Content is internally regulated. Responsible - not regulated behaviour is the hallmark of the sites we create. is the gateway to all services from Galganov & Associates, it's web sites. From here you may navigate to any of the major services provided by Galganov & Associates. is host to Galganov & Associates' public services sites. Additionally, this site features links to some of Web Site Design by Galganov's clients.

Galganov & Associates is a total Internet presence provider. To learn more about us and our services, please visit our main web site -

Galganov & Associates are staunch supporters of free speech on the Internet. We believe self regulation is the responsible way to go. We choose to link to and create "family safe" content only.

Virtual hosting is offered to any of our clients. Please contact us for information.

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